KOL Expert

Helene Zahn-Chilberg
Helene Zahn-Chilberg
Wellness Counselor
Licensed Professional Mental Health Counselor
Clinical Addictions Specialist Associate
Certified Access Bars Facilitator
Certified Resonance Repatterning Practitioner

Helene holds a Master of Arts in professional counseling from Central Michigan University and Ottawa University. She is a licensed professional mental health counselor (LPMHC), a licensed clinic addiction specialist associate (LCASA) and a certified access bars facilitator (BF) .

She dedicates her healing practice to helping others regain power and release the self-imposed and frequently unidentified restraints that lie within their emotional, spiritual and energetic field.

Helene utilizes techniques of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Access Consciousness®, Resonance Repatterning®, Shamanism and Energy Psychology. She has focused her private practice on these techniques to facilitate a co-creative process that assists individuals in achieving their birthright: lives filled with joy, love, abundance and vitality.

Helene believes that every person is an expression of creation, one that is perfect and whole. She has more than 30 years of experience in the counseling field, along with a joy and love for the uniqueness of every individual on their journey.

Helene Zahn-Chilberg, MA, LPC, LCAS-A is a paid consultant to Acella Pharmaceuticals, LLC.

Important Risk Information

Drugs with thyroid hormone activity, alone or together with other therapeutic agents, have been used for the treatment of obesity. In euthyroid patients, doses within the range of daily hormonal requirements are ineffective for weight reduction. Larger doses may produce serious or even life-threatening manifestations of toxicity, particularly when given in association with sympathomimetic amines such as those used for their anorectic effects.
  • NP Thyroid® is contraindicated in patients with uncorrected adrenal insufficiency, untreated thyrotoxicosis, and hypersensitivity to any component of the product.
  • In the elderly and in patients with cardiovascular disease, NP Thyroid® should be used with greater caution than younger patients or those without cardiovascular disease.
  • Use of NP Thyroid® in patients with diabetes mellitus or adrenal cortical insufficiency may worsen the intensity of their symptoms.
  • The therapy of myxedema coma requires simultaneous administration of glucocorticoids.
  • Concomitant use of NP Thyroid® with oral anticoagulants alters the sensitivity of oral anticoagulants. Prothrombin time should be closely monitored in thyroid-treated patients on oral anticoagulants.
  • In infants, excessive doses of NP Thyroid® may produce craniosynostosis.
  • Partial loss of hair may be experienced by children in the first few months of therapy but is usually transient.
  • Adverse reactions associated with NP Thyroid® therapy are primarily those of hyperthyroidism due to therapeutic overdosage.
  • Many drugs and some laboratory tests may alter the therapeutic response to NP Thyroid®. In addition, thyroid hormones and thyroid status have varied effects on the pharmacokinetics and actions of other drugs. Administer at least 4 hours before or after drugs that are known to interfere with absorption. Evaluate the need for dose adjustments when regularly administering within one hour of certain foods that may affect absorption.
  • NP Thyroid® should not be discontinued during pregnancy, and hypothyroidism diagnosed during pregnancy should be promptly treated.


NP Thyroid® (thyroid tablets, USP) is a prescription medicine that is used to treat a condition called hypothyroidism from any cause, except for cases of temporary hypothyroidism, which is usually associated with an inflammation of the thyroid (thyroiditis). It is meant to replace or supplement a hormone that is usually made by your thyroid gland.

NP Thyroid® is also used in the treatment and prevention of normal functioning thyroid goiters, such as thyroid nodules, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, multinodular goiter, and in the management of thyroid cancer.